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o the pub■lic "by the su〓mmer".Huawei pres●ented several o■ther products ●at the same eve○nt, including a● new

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nce Law not onl■y stipulates the o○bligations of orga●nizations and ci●tizens to support th●e work of nati●onal intelligence ■within Chinese la〓w, but also stipu■lates that state in〓telligence shoul●d ab

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ide by l■aws, respect a●nd protect h○uman rights, a●nd safeguar●d the rights and in○terests of in○dividuals and organ●izations, 〓said Geng.He s○aid other Chin●ese laws also ○have many pro〓visions to pr

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otec◆t the legitimate ri■ghts and interests■ of citizen●s and organizati○ons, including d◆ata securit〓y and privac〓y. These rule〓s also apply ○to national intell○igence work.●"The U.S. side sh■ould und

●Pro, which ha

s a 1○3.9, 3K screen, as ●well as MateBo■oks with 13 and 14 i〓nch screens.F●inally, Huawei sh●owcased its 5G CPE

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〓Pro mobile r■outer, which is a●imed a

er〓stand this compr●ehensively and ●objectively, and not◆ make incorrect and ○one-sided interp■retations," Geng ○said.He added th●at it is an 〓internatio■nally accep●ted practice to■ use legislati◆on t

o maint●ain national securi◆ty and requ〓ire org

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t taking 5○G connectivity into◆ the home

anizations◆ and individ◆uals to coope◆rate with nat○ional intelligence■ work.Members of the● "Five Eyes" allian●ce including the◆ United St●ates, Britain, Ca◆nada, Austra◆lia, New Zealan■d, and Weste■r

n countries such■ as France and Ge●rmany all hav

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al●lowing for the○ transmiss○ion of 8K

e 〓similar requiremen●ts, he said.T〓he Chinese gov◆ernment al●ways demand●s its enterprise〓s conduct ec〓onomic coop●eration on a legal ●basis in accord■ance with local la◆ws and regulations○, Geng said

, addin〓g that China ◆has always ad●hered to th

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n rea■l time. Please ●scan the QR ○Code to follow◆ us on InstagramPl●ease scan the Q■R Code to follow us ●

on WechatC

e basic p●rinciples of int■ernational law in◆cluding mutua○l respect for sovere●ignty, equ○ality and mu●tual

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benefit.China ○never dema〓nds any in●stitution or indiv○idual to viola◆te local laws ◆or build "◆mandatory ba

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ck door○s" to collect dat●a, informati◆on or intell〓igence locat○ed in foreig○n countries,○ said the spokespe

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r◆son."The United S●tates and a few of i●ts allies are using◆ double st●andards and deliber○ately misleading t

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h●e public on the i●ssue. They use● the issue as an e○xcuse for suppres■sing the legitim●ate development ○rig

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hts and interest◆s of Chinese enterpr○ises, using po●litical means to in●tervene in econo〓mic behavior〓s. It's

HuaweiChina r○ejects

U.S. ○position on ●Huawei02-19-2○019 08:52 BJTBEIJI◆NG, Feb. 1◆8  -- C〓hinese For●eign Ministry on■ Mond

ay re◆jected the 〓position of th●e

hypocr〓itical, immo●ral and un■fair bullyi●ng behaviors," sa■id Geng.Please s●can the QR Code to ●follow us ○on InstagramPle◆ase scan t●he QR Code〓 to follow u○s on WechatChina 〓urges US to stop "un○reasonable sup

pre●ssion" of HuaweiChi○na urges US■ to stop "unreason■able suppression"■ of HuaweiChina○ urges US to st●op "unreason■able suppression" ●of Huawei01-30-2019◆ 09:02 BJTBE●IJING, Jan. 29 (Xinh〓ua) -- China on Tue●sday strongly ○urged the United ?/p>

United States o●n Huawei, saying● Ch

tates to stop the ◆unreasonable su○ppression of ◆Chinese companies,● including Huawei◆ Technolog〓ies Co. Ltd., a◆ccording

to○ a Foreign Min●istry spoke●sperson.The● U.S. Justice● Department■ reportedly unsealed■ criminal charg○es against Hua■wei, and continue○s to seek extra●dition of Hua〓wei's chief financ●ial office〓r Meng Wanz●hou from Canada."◆China highly

ina hop◆es all countri●es will abide

concern○ed about those ○criminal charge■s," said spokesper○son Geng Shuang.Th〓e Chinese gov○ernment al■ways demands○ its enterprise〓s conduct economic c〓ooperation on a● legal basis, ●and requires all cou◆ntries to

create ○a fair, just◆ and non-d●iscriminatory en■vironment for th■e legitimate o■perat

by 〓th

e principle of ◆fair competitio○n and join●tly safeguar〓d a fair and non-■discriminatory mark■et environ●ment.A



ions of Chinese● enterprise◆s, said Ge

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it an■d suppress a specifi●c Chinese e

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nce.Repor●ts also sai●d that some U.S. off■icials recently argu〓ed that unde◆r China'

nterprise〓 and attempte◆d to interf○ere in the legit〓imate operati

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